Tips for Winning a Bidding War


You did it! You found your dream house. After weeks, months, or years of looking – you're ready to make an offer. It wasn’t an easy feat. You’ve seen cottages, ranch-style homes, and even that “can’t miss” yurt that was in an awesome location. Nothing clicked until now. You envision yourself sipping tea on the porch and are already picking out paint colors in your head. You make an offer and wait. You’re perfecting your interior design Pinterest Board when you get the bad news; there’s another offer.

In the world of real estate, nothing is guaranteed until you’re walking out of your closing with keys in hand. Even if you offered the seller’s asking price, you can still lose out on the home you want if someone else decides to make a better offer. This doesn’t mean all is lost, however. With the right real estate agent and knowing what tactics to use, you can come out on top.

While the most obvious answer to your dilemma may seem to be offering more than your competitor, there are few more tricks you can try before reaching that conclusion.

First, consider removing any specific conditions from your offer such as ‘contingent on the results of a home inspection’. If you’re serious about the home, then giving the sellers that peace of mind that you’re not going to back out may make you more desirable than others. Another thing you can do is write a letter to the current owners. Be heartfelt in explaining what owning their home would mean to you. Tell them about yourself and your family. Sometimes a human connection is all you need to seal the deal.

Also, being flexible with your sellers can work in your favor. They may appreciate having extra time after the closing to finish packing and moving out. Offering a few more days to vacate the home without compensation may be a welcome notion thus making your offer more attractive.

Being prepared will pay off in the end. Have your agent create multiple contracts with different purchase offers and be ready to counter when necessary. As you develop your offers, consider how much extra money you can afford to include. While it may seem stressful to commit thousands of dollars before closing the deal, upping your earnest money shows you’re a serious contender. If a seller has multiple offers, going with one that includes a larger deposit may give them the assurances they need.

Financing is Key

Having the right financing is extremely important and can make all the difference for a drama-free home purchase. In a competitive market, leave nothing to chance with Silverton Secure+ from Silverton Mortgage. Being approved for a Silverton Secure+ Loan means you (the buyer) are fully underwritten which means competing with cash buyers isn’t a problem.  Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with securing your rate and having an on-time closing guarantee. Here’s how it works:

Allow Silverton Mortgage to get you pre-approved and fully underwritten, giving the seller of your dream home confidence in your offer. Next, lock in your rate with the Secure+ Rate Lock Guarantee, which takes the rate that was available during the beginning of your mortgage process and locks it in for 60 days. This means that if rates go up before you’re ready to close, nothing changes for you. If rates go down, however, you have the security of our free float down option which matches the new, lower rate.

Another great advantage of the Silverton Secure+ program is our On-Time Closing Guarantee. We’re so confident in closing your home on time that if we are unable to do so, we’ll pay you and the seller $1,000 each*. Giving your seller this advantage will certainly help you stand out in a multiple offer situation.

Along with eliminating the guesswork, worry, and uncertainty from the homebuying process, you’ll have the benefit of working with an awesome team of industry professionals. Silverton Mortgage is one of the fastest growing financial institutions in the United States and consistently maintains in 98% satisfaction rating from our customers and agents. Also, because we keep our entire loan process in-house, you know what’s going on every step of the way.

Wave Bye to Your Competitors

Knowing what tools are available is crucial when the perfect home is on the line. Having a realtor who knows how to be prepared and effectively counter against other offers will be a great asset to you. Being flexible and knowing where you’re willing and able to adjust your terms will set your expectations. However, it can also all boil down to your financing. With a Secure+ loan from Silverton Mortgage, house hunting can be as easy as finding your dream home, making an offer, standing out from the competition, and scheduling the moving trucks. Seriously!

To get started, contact one of our highly-qualified Loan Originators today or visit silvertonmortgage.com.